Multigenerational Living: Build a Future for Your Family Members

Multigenerational living has become a common trend throughout California and there are several positive reasons why families choose this living arrangement.

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With the rising cost of housing and the growing trend of multigenerational households, ADUs are becoming a popular solution.


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As housing costs soar and the need for caregiving support increases, families are rediscovering the profound benefits of sharing their lives under one property, seeking to strengthen their connections, optimize resources, and support each other. The concept of multigenerational living offers a compelling solution!


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What’s Multigenerational Living?
This concept refers to a living arrangement where multiple generations of a family reside together in the same household or property. It is a form of extended family living that promotes closer relationships, shared responsibilities, and support among family members of different age groups.
It also allows for increased social interaction, economic benefits, and the pooling of resources within the family unit for better life quality. Multigenerational living can be motivated by cultural traditions, financial considerations, or a desire to foster strong family bonds.
Back in 2020, studies from the United States Census Bureau showed that 7.2% of U.S. Family Households Were Multigenerational. This informative blog explains how this type of living arrangement is more prominent throughout the South of the nation and Western states.

Benefits of Multigenerational Living
Living with your extended family offers many practical advantages, especially in an estate like California. The high cost of housing, skyrocketing rents, and the need for caregiving support have led many families to embrace it as a viable solution.
Here are some reasons why you should consider multigenerational living:

  • Financial stability: By having multiple generations living together, families can pool their resources and share expenses, making it easier for everyone to live within their means.
  • Family support: Older generations can provide support, guidance, and help with child-rearing for younger generations, while younger generations can assist with tasks such as household chores, transportation, and technology!
  • Cultural preservation: Multigenerational living helps to preserve the family’s cultural heritage and values, as older generations can pass down their traditions and customs to younger generations..
  • Improved mental and physical health: Living near loved ones can provide security, companionship, and emotional support, leading to improved psychological and physical health for all generations.
  • Increased intergenerational relationships: Multigenerational living promotes increased interaction and bonding between generations, which can lead to more robust and closer relationships within the family.

By bringing together generations from different walks of life, families can benefit from each generation’s unique perspectives and experiences and create a rich and supportive environment for everyone!
Read this case study to find out how Mr. Bernabe’s story and how his mother successfully moved in with him, by constructing an ADU!

How ADUs Can Help
Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) for a multigenerational living can be a great way to accommodate multiple generations in one property while providing privacy and independence for each. Here are the steps you can follow to build an ADU:

  • Research your local zoning laws and regulations: Before starting the building process, research your area’s zoning laws and regulations. You must ensure that building an ADU is allowed in your neighborhood and that you meet all the size, design, and setbacks requirements.
  • Create a design plan: Next, create a design plan that meets your family’s needs. Consider the size of the unit, the layout of the rooms, and the access to shared spaces such as the kitchen and living areas.
    Find inspiration and practical solutions for your unique needs by checking out Multitaskr’s ADU Catalog!
  • Obtain necessary permits:Once you have a design plan, you must obtain the required permits from your local government. This process may include submitting plans, paying fees, and getting inspections.
  • Hire contractors: Once you have obtained all necessary permits, hire a team of contractors to build the ADU. Make sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor, and consider getting multiple bids to ensure a fair price.
  • Prepare the site: Before construction begins, prepare the site for building by removing any trees or other obstacles and leveling the ground.
  • Start construction: With the site prepared and the contractors hired, the construction process can begin. This process may take several weeks or months, depending on the size and complexity of the ADU. Don’t let the construction process overwhelm you.
    Trust Multitaskr Construction to handle your ADU build from start to finish. Our team of experts will ensure your project is completed on time and within budget, with stunning results.
  • Finish the interior: Once the structure is complete, it’s time to finish the interior; this includes installing flooring, cabinets, countertops, and lighting. You may also need to install plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC.
  • Move in: Once the interior is complete, you and your family can move in and enjoy the new space!

Building an ADU for multigenerational living can be a complex process. Still, with careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a space that’s perfect for your family’s needs.

Multigenerational living is a vibrant and meaningful way of life that strengthens family ties, promotes financial stability, and offers practical benefits. In California, where diverse cultures and the rising cost of living intersect, multigenerational living has become an increasingly popular choice. By embracing the shared experiences and challenges, families are discovering the immense value of living together under one property.
Multigenerational living enhances the quality of life for all family members and fosters a sense of connection and belonging that will be cherished for generations to come.
Start building an ADU today to keep your family close to one another. Get in touch with us to plan your project today!

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