Multitaskr Construction Gets A Grip On Industry Shortages

With the demand for construction not calming down anytime soon, the team behind the builds have put together a plan to avoid high bids, delayed timelines, and project cancellations.

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Multitaskr Construction overcomes industry challenges by tackling material shortages head-on

Nicole Buddie

The journey to start any home improvement project requires lumber and a skilled contractor. In May 2021, the industry faced two threats. The demand for lumber exploded, and there was a lack of workers. Homeowners renovated left and right while others built new single-family residences. With limited sawmills, lumber prices soared due to several closures after the Great Recession and never reopened. Research shares that 71% of contractors face a material shortage, and it is difficult to provide jobs without the essentials.


Saving Money


Creating A Core


Project Coordinators

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Other materials that became as valuable as gold were steel, electrical supplies, and lighting supplies. On top of the price of material skyrocketing, the shortages impact higher bids and delayed project timelines. However, material shortages are not at the fault of the contractor. Materials become available based on the manufacturer and distributor during the design phase of the project. The current lack of materials has the Multitaskr team heading into construction with an approach that will not affect your project.


Saving Money On Building Materials

This past summer, Multitaskr opened a second office in Chula Vista, serving as a workspace for all construction team members with a large storage facility. This storage space enables the construction team to purchase material when prices are reasonable and store it for projects to come. All projects will now have access to stored material, saving money and reducing project estimates.

Creating A Core Construction Team

The Multitaskr team is aware of the current labor shortage in construction. Earlier in the summer, that became an obstacle within the company. However, as Multitaskr continues to grow its projects, active recruiting and training is a top priority. To prevent a labor shortage resulting in project delays, Multitaskr trains its contractors to work on various projects.

The training gives the contractor well-rounded skills, enabling them to work on all home improvement assignments. Chief Operating Officer, Guillermo Robertson, shares a critical tactic that provides Multitaskr sub and full-time contractors work year-round, “We pride ourselves in creating a core team for all job sites. That team is quite large now. They will often get assigned different projects. However, they are all involved in the process that leads up to construction. All contractors working on an assigned project attend a pre-construction meeting. They will meet the clients before construction begins at this meeting, allowing them to do more than show up at the job site. We accredit them for all they do, and we want clients to put a name to the faces they see on their property. We value every one of them.”

Project Coordinators Liaise Between Construction

As of summer 2021, Multitaskr construction created a new department that will liaison with the pre-construction team (drafters, estimators, architects), the sales team (Home Solutions Experts), customer experience, and the 3D architecture team. The clients will get in contact with the project coordinator during the Project Development Plan stage. With the assistance of the project coordinator, they will assure the client is aware of all shortages and roadblocks throughout the process if any.

Multitaskr will constantly adjust its workflow as the industry faces shortages and demands to provide value-adding construction. Today, the company has over 25 full-time contractors committed to delivering projects on time and within budget. The next step within the company is to analyze construction data to build faster while not reducing quality.

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