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Get to know your property like never before with our HDR

Assess property conditions

Identify potential risks and improvements

Top-notch technology

What is an HDR?

The Home Diagnostic Report (HDR) assesses property conditions while creating a home ledger system, allowing real estate owners to be aware of any risk and potential improvements.
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What’s included?

Get a better understanding of your property to unlock its full potential
Multitaskr Virtual Floor plans Icon

Interior and exterior virtual floor plans

(3D laser scanner measurements)

Multitaskr Quantification Utilities Icon

Quantification of all utilities

(electric, water, sewage, and gas)

Multitaskr Aerial Photography Icon

Aerial photography

(analyzes the property from above)

Multitaskr Laser Leveling System Icon

Laser leveling system

(micro-level elevation data)

Multitaskr Drone Icon

Drone mapping scan

(macro-level elevation data)

Multitaskr Exterior Photography Icon

Exterior photography

(step-by-step site photography)

Multitaskr Home Inspection Icon

Home inspection report

(access your full report from our app)

Still wondering what’s included in the Home Diagnostic Report?

Why get a Home Diagnostic Report (HDR)?

The Home Diagnostic Report (HDR) empowers real estate owners and contractors to make better decisions about their property, eliminating uncertainties and frustration before a project begins.

Multitaskr Find Elements Icon

Find elements that a regular home inspection could not identify without a detailed analysis like the one provided by the HDR.

Multitaskr Porperty Data Points Icon

Discover over 620 property data points and conditions that could help assure the feasibility of your next home improvement project.

Multitaskr Access Data Icon

The HDR allows other service providers access to the data they need during the bidding process, eliminating the necessity for multiple visits to your property.

Multitaskr Unlock Porperty Full Potential Icon

The HDR unlocks your property’s full potential by providing all possible home improvements that align with your home’s current condition.

Multtiaskr Information Icon

Our HDR improves the real estate experience. It helps make better and informed decisions about the property.

Multitaskr Experience Icon

The HDR is the first step through the entire Multitaskr experience before designing and building your next home improvement project.

Five steps to simplify your homeowner experience

Get an HDR in 5 steps

Be the hero of your home by finding personalized solutions for your home improvement projects with Multitaskr.


HDR Appointment

Book an appointment with one of our Home Solutions Experts.


Data collection

HDR technicians visit your property and collect up to 620 data points.


Data Review

The HDR team reviews the collected home and site information.


Feasibility Analysis

We conduct a detailed analysis that complies with city zoning codes.


HDR Delivery

We deliver a comprehensive report that allows you to move forward with your project.

Got Questions?

Need to know more about the Home Diagnostic Report? Here are a series of frequently asked questions.

How much does the HDR cost?

The HDR is not a stand-alone product yet. It is included in our Project Development Plan that starts at $4,500. Click here to see everything included in the PDP!

What’s included in the HDR?

The HDR includes:

  • Full interior and exterior virtual floor plans and measurements with a 3D laser scanner.
  • Quantification of all utilities (electric, water, sewage, and gas). Aerial and exterior photography.
  • Drone deploy scans.
  • Laser leveling system.
  • Home inspection report.

How long will I be able to view my HDR online?

Your HDR will always be visible to you. However, some assets such as the virtual floor plans are hosted by different service providers that only allow us to hold that specific asset of your report for 60 days. After that period, we archive that link in your HDR. If requested, it can be visible again at any time.

How can I schedule my HDR?

You can schedule an HDR here at any time. Please select a date and time that works best for you.

How long does it take to complete the initial HDR site visit?

The data collection takes our team approximately 3-4 hours depending on the size and condition of the site.

Does a technician need to enter my home during the initial HDR site visit?

Our technicians must inspect the interior and exterior area of your home to complete a full property report.

Who has access to my HDR?

Your HDR is solely for the purpose of in-house use. Therefore, no HDR data is shared with the city. Besides you, our construction team is the only set of eyes viewing your scan unless authorized by the real estate owner to share with third party service providers.

What happens after the initial HDR site visit?

Once our team gathers the data, it is sent to the Feasibility Department, where they analyze and suggest what is feasible to build on the property.

Do you offer HDR nationwide?

We currently offer the HDR only in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. If you would like a Home Diagnostic Report, but do not live in the area, please reach out to [email protected] or give us a call at (619) 514 4023, and we’d be happy to assist you!

Have another question? Please contact us at [email protected]

or give us a call at (619) 514 4023. We will be happy to assist you!


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