Your ADU Guide to Design, Estimation, and Construction!

This blog is an in-depth guide on Multitaskr’s design, estimation, and construction services to give homeowners and future clients insight into the project they are facing with step-by-step solutions to ease the entire process.

Everything for your ADU starts here!

By: Eliana Lerma

At Multitaskr, our all-inclusive ADU services in San Diego cover 100% financing to zoning feasibility, permit drawings, and construction. Our team customizes each clients’ ADU journey to fit their exact needs, whether it’s creating extra living space for the family or investing in an income-generating addition to lease out and make your property value soar! Our solutions for design, estimation, and permitting are aligned with the current local building codes, and we leave the design finishing choices up to you to match your unique vision. The home experts that make up our team have experience designing and permitting all types of ADU projects including garage conversions, interior home conversions, additions, and standalone detached ADU constructions.


ADU Feasibility Process


ADU Design Process


ADU Estimation Process


ADU Permitting Process


ADU Construction Process

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Multitaskr’s ADU Feasibility Process:

Discover if building an ADU on your property is a viable option. Simply provide us with your home address and we’ll run a feasibility zoning report to check for feasibility and compliance with the municipal zoning regulations. Take the first step now!”

Multitaskr’s ADU Design Process:

Now it’s time to design your project! (We can either work with a design that you provide to draft and permit for you or we can customize an existing Multitaskr ADU catalog design). Make your ADU building journey effortless with a pre-designed model from Multitaskr’s ADU catalog and let us handle the hard work for you. The design process will include a certain amount of back and forth communication as we work alongside your vision to perfect your ADU design.

The favorite step in the ADU process is often the virtual reality experience of their design. We provide a hi-quality 3D render, but in some cases it is a more immersive experience. If you get to visit our VR Media Room at our headquarter office in San Diego, where you can simply put on the VR goggles, and walk around your future space as if you are teleported there. Experiencing your design in virtual reality allows you to make final adjustments in real time before ordering materials. This not only provides a clear sense of the space in the new ADU, but also avoids change orders during construction which ends up costing more time and money!

Multitaskr’s ADU Estimation Process:

Sure, designing the project is fun and all, but we all want to know how much it’s going to cost. As part of the ADU Services in San Diego Multitaskr offers a Home Diagnostic Report included in the design process. Think of our Home Diagnostic Report like a home inspection on steroids. We inspect and gather key data points from your property to make sure it is feasible for the new ADU build up. Converting this home data allows us to provide an accurate estimate and look for the best ADU option to secure 100% financing, and maximize your ROI through Rental Income.

Multitaskr’s ADU Permitting Process:

Once we receive and apply your feedback on the design, we can start the permit drafting process. The New ADU Architectural Permit Drawing Package we provide to you include everything required by your municipality to permit your ADU including: site plan, architectural plans that include floor plans, sections, elevations, construction specs and assemblies, architectural schedules, mechanical, electrical, plumbing plans, a certificate of title 24 energy compliance, and structural plans and details.

Multitaskr’s ADU Construction Process:

During this final stage is where your ADU project becomes a reality. Our pro builders will construct your ADU to the highest quality standards, ensuring that the end result meets your expectations and is ready to maximize your ROI and rental income potential.

Looking to add an ADU to your property? Multitaskr is here to help! One of our Home Solutions Experts will be happy to assist you with any questions you have and provide you with the guidance you need to get started. You are just starting on the journey of transforming your property into a valuable investment, and we want to make it as smooth and effortless as possible.

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