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December 29, 2023

The Definitive Guide to ADU Rents in Los Angeles 2024
Discover our comprehensive Los Angeles ADU rental guide. Uncover benefits, regulations, and invaluable insights to elevate your rental income journey.
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November 30, 2023

Multitaskr at Market Symposium 2023: ADUs & Realtor Program
Discover ADU and Realtor collaborations highlighted at the recent symposium. Unveil fresh insights into homeownership solutions by Multitaskr.
Finance Your ADU in California in 2024

November 27, 2023

The Definitive Guide to Financing Your ADU in California in 2024
Planning to finance an ADU in California? This blog covers crucial aspects, from basics to tailored financing options for your project's success.
ADU Financing: Unsecured Loans Explained

November 13, 2023

ADU Financing: Unsecured Loans Explained
Unlock the power of unsecured loans and make your ADU dream a reality. Discover smart financing strategies and take control of your property’s potential today.
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October 13, 2023

How To Build an ADU: The Definitive Guide
Unlock the potential of your property with our comprehensive ADU construction guide. Elevate its value and functionality while enjoying a new living space. Get started now!
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September 15, 2023

Build Your Dream ADU Today With Multitaskr’s End-Of-Year Limited Offers
Experience ADU construction like never before with Multitaskr's VR technology. Visualize your dream ADU and enjoy exclusive year-end offers. Read Mrs. Rodriguez's success story for inspiration!
Multitaskr - Home solutions blog convert your garage

September 8, 2023

Convert Your Garage To An ADU: A Guide To Turn Your Garage Into A Living Space
The idea of turning a garage into a livable space can be exciting, but it also requires careful planning to ensure the final result is a success. Learn more about garage conversions, a smart option to maximize space on your property and add value to your home through transformation.
Multitaskr - Home solutions blog garage conversion

September 6, 2023

ADU Financing in San Diego at a 1% Interest Deferred Construction Loan: Here’s How To Get It
Unlock your ADU dreams in the city of San Diego! Learn about the SDHC ADU Finance Program with a 1% fixed interest rate and up to $250k in financing for qualifying homeowners. Explore the program and apply today!
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August 21, 2023

The Definitive Guide to ADU Rents in San Diego 2023
Dive into our in-depth guide on ADU rentals in San Diego. Explore benefits, regulations, and insights to enhance your rental income journey.
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August 15, 2023

What is an ADU? Understanding Accessory Dwelling Units
Discover the basics about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): benefits, types, regulations, and costs. Make informed decisions for building ADUs on your property.

August 9, 2023

Tijuana Design Week 2023: Uniting Creativity Across Borders
Discover Tijuana Design Week 2023, a creative extravaganza transcending borders. Engage in design, innovation, and collaboration. Join us in celebrating a vibrant and boundary-breaking world of creativity!
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July 7, 2023

Tech+ Architecture Conference 2023
Multitaskr attended the Tech + Architecture Conference on June 28, 2023, in Downtown LA, discussing Digital Twins, AI, and ML to enhance Architectural, Construction, and PropTech industries.
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June 30, 2023

2023 ADU Design Trends to Make Your Rental Stand Out!
Make your ADU shine among rental options with top design trends: multifunctional spaces, minimalist aesthetics, sustainable materials, and smart technology. Power it with solar energy for cost savings and an eco-friendly touch.
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June 23, 2023

From Client to Advocate: A Multitaskr Referral Story
Join Mr. Bernabe's journey and discover how he transformed his backyard into a haven for his mother. Learn about his referral success, earning $1,000 in commissions, and the exceptional customer service that sets Multitaskr apart.
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June 21, 2023

Multitaskr’s ADU Projects: Transforming Spaces, Enhancing Lives
The ADU journey can be complex, even more so when it comes to the design style and layout of your new space, but with the right help, customizing your ADU shouldn't be a problem!
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June 15, 2023

Multigenerational Living: Build a Future for Your Family
Learn how building an ADU in California can achieve multigenerational living. Discover benefits for homeowners in our latest post.
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June 9, 2023

The Power of Collaboration: A Multitaskr Referral Story
Discover the transformative journey of Ms. Cespedes with Multitaskr, from ADU construction to solar projects and successful referrals. Unlock the power of collaboration and sustainable living for your property.
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June 2, 2023

Trust, Rewards, And Growth: A Multitaskr Referral Story
Discover Mrs. Rios's journey with Multitaskr, from ADU construction to earning referral commission. Exceptional service and enduring partnerships await you. Build with us and starting earning by referring your friends and family to us!
Multitaskr's second real estate industry night

May 26, 2023

Multitaskr’s Second Real Estate Industry Night
Multitaskr's second Real Estate Industry Night was a success, offering ADU insights, VR experiences, and a surprise raffle. The event brought real estate professionals together, fostering community engagement and providing valuable opportunities. Stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!
ADU exterior design

May 12, 2023

The Latest in ADU Financing For Homeowners
The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is working to simplify the process for homeowners to buy a property with an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or build one themselves. By proposing changes to its guidelines, the FHA aims to help those with low to moderate income and little home equity to secure a loan for their ADU project.
ADU Feasibility Study scan

May 12, 2023

The Importance Of The Feasibility Study Before Building An ADU
A feasibility study is one of the most crucial steps in the ADU building process. It helps to ensure that your proposed ADU complies with city zoning regulations, avoids extra hidden costs, and has no restrictions that may arise during the construction. The Preliminary Feasibility Study, also known as PFA, will help determine your ADU project's feasibility, including the potential costs, time frames, and return on investment.
ADU Construction

May 12, 2023

5 Ways We Are Reinventing The Residential Construction Process
Discover how Multitaskr is revolutionizing residential construction with our tech-based services. Get a glimpse of the five ways they we’re doing it - from virtual floor plans to 3D rendering - in this informative blog.
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May 5, 2023

Multitaskr & Tecnológico de Monterrey Partner for Construction Innovation
Multitaskr collaborated with Tecnológico de Monterrey to develop a machine prototype that enables a 3D scanning system. Over 130 mechanical engineering students participated in the project. This successful collaboration highlights the value of industry and academia working together to promote sustainable solutions.
ADU roof with solar panels

May 4, 2023

U.S. Department Of Energy Announces Summer Of Solar
On July 15, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its plan to accelerate the approval of solar permits. Read to find out the benefits of solar energy!
ADU construction structure

May 4, 2023

Building an ADU: Pros And Cons Of Hiring Professionals Vs. Doing It Yourself
This blog will help homeowners decide between building an ADU themselves or to hire a professional, and to consider the time, cost, and expertise involved in each option.
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April 27, 2023

Multitaskr Presents: Real Estate Industry Night
Join us for an exclusive look into our latest ADU event: Multitaskr's Real Estate Industry Night. Learn about our financing solutions and referral program.

April 19, 2023

What Is A Construction Change Order And How Can I Avoid Them?
Change orders consume 35% of projects which causes delays, adds expenses, and creates tension between parties, but good news! The Project Development Plan (PDP) will end that.

April 19, 2023

Maximizing Your Space: The Benefits of Converting Your Garage into Living Space or Income
Looking to add more living space at a reasonable price? Consider a garage conversion - an alternative to building an ADU that doesn't require a new structure. Garage conversions provide up to 1,200 sq ft of living space without starting from scratch.

April 19, 2023

Virtual Reality and ADUs: A Match Made in Heaven
Elevate your ADU design with Virtual Reality and experience the future of building & home renovation.
ADU referral program offers $1,000 commission checks.

April 14, 2023

Multitaskr is giving away free money!
Multitaskr, a leading company in the ADU space is offering $1,000 checks to customers who refer friends and family interested in building an ADU.
ADU Permit center

April 13, 2023

Homeowners Face Delays for ADU City Permits
ADUs recently had gone through a boom in Californian cities thanks to government initiatives, but why does their permitting process approval take so long?
Multitaskr blog about Setback Guidelines

April 7, 2023

ADU Construction in California: Understanding the Setback Guidelines
Discover ADU setbacks in California and Bill AB 2221. Learn requirements for setbacks in populous counties and their impact on construction.
Special of ADUs at the San Diego Appraisers Conference 2023

March 30, 2023

ADUs at the San Diego Appraisers Conference
Multitaskr discussed ADUs and offered a Virtual Reality demo at the San Diego County Assessor's Society of Certified Appraisers Conference.
Multitaskr Blog neighborhood with new ADU 2023

March 24, 2023

Can HOAs Legally Block Your Plans for Building an ADU?
Learn if your Homeowners Association can stop you from building a secondary unit on your property. Read our blog post to find out about potential limitations and restrictions.
BLOG - MULTITASKR - Multitaskr Construction Gets A

March 7, 2023

Multitaskr Construction Gets A Grip On Industry Shortages
With the demand for construction not calming down anytime soon, the team behind the builds have put together a plan to avoid high bids, delayed timelines, and project cancellations.

February 22, 2023

2023 ADU Bills: What You Need to Know in California
Learn about how California’s Bills AB 2221, SB 897, AB 916, and AB 157 are impacting ADUs in the state, addressing the housing shortage & improving affordable housing access.

February 17, 2023

Considering an ADU in San Diego or Los Angeles? Here’s What You Need to Know
Building an ADU is complex. From financing to permits, it's a full-time job. This FAQ List answers your questions and guides you through the process of building an ADU.

February 16, 2023

Build your ADU NOW for more rental income!
This blog aims to inform San Diego residents about the benefits of ADUs and why now is the perfect time to invest in this opportunity and convert your unused yard or garage space into a valuable income-generating accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

February 15, 2023

Your ADU Guide to Design, Estimation, and Construction!
This blog is an in-depth guide on Multitaskr’s design, estimation, and construction services to give homeowners and future clients insight into the project they are facing with step-by-step solutions to ease the entire process.

November 19, 2022

Build an ADU Now, Pay Later in San Diego!
Homeowners in San Diego are now able to receive full project financing for Accessory Dwelling Units and receive guaranteed...
Multitaskr Blog Construction Post Covid

August 19, 2022

Construction After Covid
Construction after covid has affected everyone in the industry with labor and material shortages and long permitting delays. Using research from the past 3...
Multitaskr - Blog Freddie Mac SD

August 9, 2022

Freddie Mac Eases ADU Financing for Affordable Living
Get fully financed to build more Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), generate rental income, and increase your property value with Freddie Mac’s new policy update!
Multitaskr - Blog ADU Housing SD

June 1, 2022

Closing the housing gap starts with ADUs
What is the federal government insisting will close the housing gap in the next 5 years? Discover what you can do to afford homeownership and provide additional living space on your existing property!

May 13, 2022

Do ADUs Really Add Property Value?
Is Building An ADU Worth It? Discover The Varying Costs Of An ADU And Compare It To The Value Added To Your Property To Make Sure It Is The Right Home Investment!

April 19, 2022

Get Ready To Finance Your ADU
With The Right Tools And Financial Guidance, The Real Estate You Own Can Become Your Biggest Investment With The Addition Of An ADU!
Is Your ADU Dream Feasible with SB9?

April 6, 2022

Is Your ADU Dream Feasible with SB9?
Many homeowners face problems before construction even begins because they do not have the right information to take on the feasibility of a home-improvement project.
The White House, ADU and the future of affordable housing

March 15, 2022

The White House: ADUs and The Future of Affordable Housing
The government agrees that building ADUs are the best option to provide affordable housing and maximize the income of every homeowner.
The Future of Homeownership in California

March 8, 2022

SB 9 and the Future of Homeownership in California
Making a lot split with SB 9 to build your dream ADU is made easy with the tool that works for you.
Bring back the California Dream with SB9

March 8, 2022

Bring back the California Dream with SB 9
Thanks to Senate Bill 9, there are now more ways to maximize your property's worth and earn long-term income by splitting your lot and add an ADU.
New Housing and Zoning SB9 explained

March 8, 2022

New Housing and Zoning SB 9 Explained
California's new Senate Bill 9, will facilitate qualifying los splits for homeowners living on a single-family zoned properties.
SB9 Requirements Things you need to know

March 8, 2022

SB 9 Requirements: 5 Things You Need To Know
California Homeowners should follow a few conditions and standards to determine if their property qualifies to benefit from SB 9.

February 14, 2020

6 Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Romantic Destination
6 ways to transform your home into a romantic destinationWe believe the biggest takeaway from 2020 was learning that our homes are multi-purpose. If your living space can also be a home office, a gym or a school; why not turn it into a romantic destination?Your backyard is the perfect spot to stargaze with your […]