The Power of Collaboration: A Multitaskr Referral Story

Explore Ms. Cespedes’ experience working with Multitaskr since 2019, including her ADU, solar projects, and her successful $500 referral commission!

Ms. Cespedes is a Bonita, California, homeowner who embarked on a journey with Multitaskr and received awesome rewards.

Fernanda Castillo

Discover how her positive journey led her to become an advocate for Multitaskr’s Referral Program and how you, too, can benefit from it.


Trust, Expertise, and Results


Referral Program Success


Embracing Sustainable Living

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Trust, Expertise, and Results
Monica’s journey with Multitaskr started in 2019 when she first embarked on her ambitious property enhancement endeavors. Over the years, she has collaborated with Multitaskr on various projects, including constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADUs) in Bonita and installing solar panels in different properties.
These successful collaborations have transformed Monica’s properties and solidified her trust and confidence in Multitaskr’s expertise!
Regarding her ADU project, Monica was determined to find a partner who could seamlessly bring her vision to life. Multitaskr, with our team of professionals, guided her through the entire process: from initial consultations to design, construction, and final touches, demonstrating a profound understanding of Ms. Cespedes’ goals and delivering exceptional results at every step.
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Referral Program Success
Ms. Cespedes’ positive experiences with Multitaskr went beyond the completion of her projects. Inspired by her exceptional results, Monica became an enthusiastic advocate for Multitaskr’s services. She eagerly shared her journey and the transformative impact of ADUs and solar power with her neighbors, friends, and acquaintances!
One particular neighbor, captivated by Ms. Cespedes’ ADU project, expressed interest in exploring home improvements for his own property. Intrigued by the possibilities, he contacted Multitaskr, citing Ms. Cespedes’ referral as the catalyst for their inquiry. It was a testament to Ms. Cespedes’ satisfaction and trust in us that she could confidently recommend their services to others.
Ms. Cespedes was thrilled to receive a referral commission of $500 from our program for her efforts in spreading the word about our exceptional services. It was a rewarding recognition of her advocacy and a tangible benefit of being part of the Multitaskr community!
Inspired by Ms. Cespedes’ story? Ready to unlock the potential of your property and join a thriving community of homeowners? Contact us to discuss your project, explore the benefits of our referral program, and embark on your transformative journey with us!

Embracing Sustainable Living
Ms. Cespedes’ commitment to maximizing her property’s potential led her to explore the benefits of solar power. With multiple properties, including two studios and a rental house, she realized that the rising energy costs were taking a toll on her finances. Additionally, her environmentally conscious choices, such as owning an electric car and a swimming spa pool, further emphasized the need for a sustainable energy solution. It was clear that going solar was the next step.
Choosing Multitaskr for her solar project was a natural decision for her. Ms. Cespedes completely trusted our expertise and professionalism after witnessing our remarkable outcomes and reliable services during her ADU construction.
She not only ended up adding solar panels to her brand new Granny Flat but also to her primary residence!

Ms. Cespedes’ journey with Multitaskr exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable living. From her ADU project to the installation of solar panels, Monica experienced the expertise and exceptional results that Multitaskr delivers. Additionally, when SB9 was introduced, she capitalized on this new law and successfully conducted a lot split of her property in National City. This strategic move allows her to plan for future development with multiple rental units.
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