Is Your ADU Dream Feasible with SB9?

With the right tools and guidance, tackling feasibility is possible for the future of your home.

Is Your ADU Dream Feasible with SB9?

Many homeowners face problems before construction even begins because they do not have the right information to take on the feasibility of a home-improvement project.

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At Multitaskr, we’ve seen eager homeowners lose hope when dealing with zoning laws, permitting, and city approval. This is why we created step by step tools to help get you on the right track for homeowner success. In this blog, we want to share a customer’s journey because it relates to common problems people face during this process and solutions that will save you time, money, and improve the overall experience.


California's SB 9: Dream Retirement


Unlocking Feasibility and Zoning Clarity


Seamless ADU Construction: Multitaskr's Pre-Approved Plans

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Johnny has been a homeowner in California since he was a young adult, and earlier this year, he bought the home where he plans to retire here in sunny San Diego. With his new home purchase, he wants to be able to afford living here through retirement and build a long-term future that supports his biggest financial investment. He recently saw an ad for Accessory Dwelling Units and learned that he could build one in his backyard and rent it out for extra monthly income. To Johnny, this sounded like the perfect solution to make retiring in California a dream come true.

After doing more research, he found out about Senate Bill 9, California’s new planning and zoning law that has allowed so many more homeowners in this state to take their property value to the next level by making a lot split to add additional living space in the form of an Accessory Dwelling Unit. Just like every zoning law, he discovered that SB 9 has certain guidelines and a feasibility process to be able to move forward with building the ADU. Johnny has a lot of other responsibilities to take on with this project, and he needs the right guidance to be able to tackle all of the steps that come before expanding on his forever home.

HNS - Johnny wondering about SB9

Since his home is a recent purchase, the details of his property are new to him. He doesn’t know much about the exact measurements of his lot and if it’s even in a buildable condition. He needs a detailed home inspection that will ensure the dream he has for his home is feasible. After calling different companies that offer pre-construction ADU services, he came across Multitaskr’s Home Diagnostic Report. This service identifies all the utility connections for a project to give the feasibility team, estimators, and architects eyes on a property before any work begins. Johnny knew this was the right plan of action because it was a package of every service he needed to ensure he would save time, money, and provide a clear outlook of the project by addressing his property in its current state.

Johnny is excited to make his appointment for a Home Diagnostic Report, but he is still unaware of the specific zoning regulations and permitting process to qualify for a lot split in his neighborhood. When looking through other tools offered on Multitaskr’s website, Johnny came across a free SB 9 tool. All he has to do is enter his current home address and wait a few hours to see if his property qualifies. By the end of the day, Johnny received a message that his property was eligible for a lot split. With this exciting news, he was ready to start brainstorming designs for his future backyard ADU. 

Multitaskr Solutions

The same day, Johnny realized that the city takes time to approve the drawings and schematics of every new build in the neighborhood. That’s when he came across Multitaskr’s pre-approved ADU master plans. Multitaskr worked with local jurisdictions to create ADU plans that are pre-approved according to their regulations and code requirements. With everything included in the plans, Johnny knew he could also avoid costly design, architecture fees, and expenses charged directly from the building department. He didn’t want to skip out on overseeing the details of his project. Thankfully, the plans allow him to customize the materials, color pallets, finishes, specialty lighting, hardware, and all accessories to make sure his ADU is the right addition to his new home.

Johnny's approved forms

With the help of Multitaskr’s ADU construction experience, SB 9 information, and property technology tools, it looks like Johnny is well-equipped to take on the feasibility process of his new project that will fulfill the dream he has for his forever home. 

If you are a homeowner in California like Johnny wanting to expand your property’s value and earn long-term income by building an Accessory Dwelling Unit, consider learning more about your opportunities today by downloading this free SB 9 fact sheet!

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