Tijuana Design Week 2023: Uniting Creativity Across Borders

This extraordinary event marked the inception of an annual celebration that brought together design enthusiasts and industry pioneers in a weekend filled with creativity, inspiration, and collaboration.

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Discover the vibrant and ever-evolving design world at Tijuana Design Week.

Writer Jose Luquin Multitaskr CMO and co-founder

Jose Luquin

As Tijuana prepares to co-star in the prestigious World Design Capital 2024 alongside San Diego, the first edition of TJDW sets the stage for a thrilling journey of discovery and innovation.


A Stellar Lineup of Speakers


The Heart of Tijuana Design Week


Multitaskr - Empowering Innovation and Collaboration

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A Stellar Lineup of Speakers
The event flourished as attendees embarked on guided city tours, exploring design-related destinations that unveiled the essence of Tijuana’s unique creative scene. Organized by collaborative efforts from the region’s design communities, the event’s curated program of activities captivated participants with its diversity and richness.
Tijuana’s Design Week left its mark on the creative landscape with a star-studded lineup of speakers. Notable highlights included the inspiring talks by creative powerhouse Marcela Guadiana, graphic designer for the INSITE arts initiative, social anthropologist Max Matus from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte, and the talented Tijuana designer Franko Rosas, whose journey took him to Amsterdam.
However, the talk that truly stole the spotlight was the appearance of the legendary Design Guru, Don Norman from Nielsen Norman Group. As a founding member of the Design Lab at the University of California San Diego, his insights and wisdom left the Tijuana Design Community captivated.

The Heart of Tijuana Design Week
Throughout the multi-day event, participants reveled in an eclectic array of tracks encompassing Architecture, Art, Literature, Exhibits, Dance, and Mobility. TJDW proved that design extends beyond aesthetics; it touches every aspect of our lives, igniting passion and sparking ideas that transcend borders.
At the core of TJDW‘s success was the support of San Diego-Tijuana Creative Industry members. With a shared appreciation for the region’s creative spirit, they rallied to ensure the event’s success.
Leading the charge were dynamic individuals like Katalina Silva, the co-founder of Enigma Creative, and architects Alex Santander and Rudy from SALAA, among other enthusiasts and supporters. Their dedication made the first edition of TJDW23 an unforgettable milestone in design.


Multitaskr – Empowering Innovation and Collaboration
As an active participant, Multitaskr proudly sponsored an insightful talk by Don Norman, showcasing our commitment to creativity and innovation. Positioned as an innovation PropTech and FinTech leader, Multitaskr aims to disrupt the Real Estate, Construction, and ADU Financial sectors by harnessing the potential of the bi-national region’s design and creative talent.
By fostering collaborations between architects, designers, video producers, animators, digital marketers, 3D/VR specialists, and software engineers, Multitaskr is poised to drive the future of creative industries in San Diego and Tijuana, bridging gaps and forging new possibilities.

Closing Remarks
As the curtains drew close on the first edition of Tijuana Design Week, a new chapter in the region’s creative narrative began. With a harmonious blend of engaging activities, influential speakers, and the support of passionate community members like Multitaskr, TJDW23 set the stage for a future where design knows no boundaries.
Together, we embarked on a journey to embrace humanity-centered design, fostering innovation that resonates far beyond our imaginations.
Thank you, Tijuana Design Week, SALAA, Enigma Creative, and all the design partners for your pivotal role in making this extraordinary event a reality. As the Tijuana-San Diego design connection continues to flourish, we eagerly anticipate the future of this dynamic and inspiring creative alliance.

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