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Multitaskr Financial

Discover how your property can improve your financial situation and help finance your renovation projects.

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It all starts with our Customized Financial Report (CFR™) because we realize everyone’s needs are different. The free CFR™ helps us understand your current financial situation, providing solutions to maximize your home value.


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Discover how your property can improve your financial situation & finance your projects.


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We run a soft pull to review your financial situation and home equity potential.


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We’ll share with you an x-ray of your financial situation, just the beginning of your financial wellness.



Discover ways to save money with our creative financing and suggested renovations.

Financial Solutions

Discover how your property can improve your financial situation and help finance your renovation projects.

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans are great if you have considerable equity and need to borrow a large amount at a lower interest rate.

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Renovation Loans

Home Improvement Loans are issued faster than mortgage loans and have fewer fees. Borrow less and avoid putting your home at risk.

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Make landscape honest and avoid costly change orders when you get a Project Development Plan.

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Be the hero of your home and find personalized solutions for your home improvement projects with Multitaskr.

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Build a personal relationship with a trustworthy Home Solutions Expert.



Receive a detailed estimate & project analysis according to your needs.



Plan upgrades for your home & experience your project in VR.



As licensed contractors, we take care of city permits & manage the construction process.


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Save money & gain home equity with our creative financing options.

Financial FAQs

Need to know more about financing? We put together frequently asked questions for you.

What is Multitaskr Financial?

Multitaskr Financial is a financial platform that offers real estate financing, unsecured construction loans, credit cards, and other mortgage products.

What’s the relationship between Multitaskr Financial and lenders?

Multitaskr financial acts as a broker.

What types of loans do you offer?

We offer home improvement and mortgage loans.

How do I get qualified for a loan?

We ask each of our clients to submit a customized financial report here to qualify for a loan. The customized financial report shares an overview of your current financial situation.

Do you offer project financing?

Yes, we offer project financing. Submit a customized financial report here to get started.

What documents do you need?

Our financial team will need the customized financial report to begin the prequalification process. However, depending on your lender, they may request additional documents such as ID and pay stubs. 

How can I learn more about the customized financial report?

Click here to learn more about the customized financial report.

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