6 ways to transform your home into a romantic destination

We believe the biggest takeaway from 2020 was learning that our homes are multi-purpose. If your living space can also be a home office, a gym or a school; why not turn it into a romantic destination?

Your backyard is the perfect spot to stargaze with your partner.

By: Anna Zuniga

You also can turn your living room into an exclusive movie theater, transform your dining room and kitchen into a trendy restaurant or make your bathroom a fancy spa. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how creative you can get, even if your plans seem low-key.

If one of your goals for 2021 is to save or travel, spending money on Valentine’s gifts won’t help you achieve that goal. This Valentine’s Day is all about getting creative with your loved one.


Dinner & a movie at home


Game & pizza night


Cook dinner together


Snuggle & take a memories


Stargazing & s’mores


Spa night

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Showing love and appreciation for your special someone doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on them. In fact, there is a written rule about limited spending during the holidays.

According to psychologist Karen Nimmo, having shared goals with your partner, such as saving money, will help you strengthen your relationship vs. going to the mall and picking up a fancy watch or a piece of jewelry. Plus, planning alternative and pocket friendly activities with your sweetheart is super fun to do.

Here are six creative ways to have the most romantic Valentine’s Day at home:

1 – Dinner & a movie at home

This date night classic, also known as Netflix & Chill, is always a great idea. Add something special and sentimental to show you care. You can order take-out from your favorite restaurant, open a bottle of wine, set the mood with some candles and pick a movie that both you and your partner love.

Take it a step further and create an itinerary with movie times, your dinner menu and the rest of your planned at home activities!

2 – Game & pizza night

A romantic date doesn’t need to be overcomplicated or expensive, just entertaining and enjoyable. Whether you choose to play Jenga, foosball or Mario Kart, the point is doing something together and having fun with bae. Plus, who doesn’t love pizza?

If you and your partner are looking for the perfect slice, Thrillist created a list with the 18 best pizza places in San Diego.

3 – Cook dinner together and plan the ultimate vacation

Think about no travel restrictions, no budget restrictions. What would your dream vacation look like?

After you pick the ultimate destination, cook an inspired dinner with your partner. If you need to find good recipes, Tasty is a great place to start. Cooking a foreign recipe will set the mood for you two to actually see your dream vacation as an achievable goal.

Although vacation plans are suspended indefinitely for most of us, dreams aren’t; you and your partner are free to dream as big as you want. If you’re really ambitious, set up a plan to make it happen once travel restrictions are lifted.

4 – Snuggle & take a trip down memory lane

How often do you take time to just slow down and enjoy the company of your partner? Going out is great, but what better excuse than Valentine’s Day to snuggle under a blanket to look at old pictures and remember good times. Set the mood with candles, flowers and chocolates. Staying home and being completely present for your significant other is as endearing as it gets. 

5 – Stargazing and s’mores

Picture yourself enjoying the beauty of the night sky with your partner. You can create a romantic setting in your backyard. Light up a bonfire, grab a blanket, brew a hot beverage and make some s’mores under the stars for an amazing date.

6 – Spa night

Spending VDAY at a spa can be quite fancy. However, spa package prices average around $150 and up.

With a few tea light candles, scrub, massage oil and some facial masks you can create your own spa experience at home! Finish it up with a bubble bath, aromatherapy and take turns giving each other a back massage.

This is also a great option for singles who aren’t up to mingle. 

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