From Client to Advocate: A Multitaskr Referral Story

Join us on the journey of Mr. Bernabe and learn about his ADU project, how he referred four of his acquaintances, and how he earned 1,000 dollars in commissions!

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San Diego homeowner, Mr. Bernabe, was the first lucky homeowner offered Multitaskr's Referral Program!


Fernanda Castillo

Learn about our Referral Program and how our client Mr. Bernabe has benefited from this initiative by simply telling a friend, family member, or coworker about his experience with us and sharing the end result of his project!


Keeping the Family Close


The Referral Program


Outstanding Customer Service

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Keeping the Family Close
Mr. Bernabe first contacted Multitaskr with a single need in mind: construct something in his backyard so his mother could move in. The solution was simple. An ADU would solve his problems by using his extra space, allowing him to keep his mother close while giving everyone in his family their own privacy.
With Multitaskr’s guidance, Mr. Bernabe embarked on a comprehensive journey that encompassed every step of the process, from initial consultations to design, permitting, and construction. The collaborative effort ensured that the outcome aligned perfectly with his vision. The result was a stunning 374-square-foot Detached ADU, thoughtfully designed to cater to Mr. Bernabe’s mother’s specific requirements.
Through the expertise and support of Multitaskr, Mr. Bernabe successfully transformed his backyard into a haven where his mother could reside, allowing for convenience, comfort, and strengthened familial bonds!

The Referral Program
When Mr. Bernabe embarked on his ADU project, little did he know that it would catch the attention of multiple curious neighbors. Intrigued by the transformation in his backyard, they approached him with inquiries about the project and the company behind it. Mr. Bernabe gladly shared his positive experience, becoming an unintentional ambassador for Multitaskr.
Mr. Bernabe’s enthusiasm and genuine satisfaction with Multitaskr’s services made him a true success story of our Referral Program. To date, he has referred three of his close friends and family members to us, each seeking to embark on their transformative journeys, and now, after one of his referrals has signed a contract with us, Mr. Bernabe has been awarded his $1,000 in commission!
Our First Referral Advocate
We are immensely grateful for Mr. Bernabe’s trust and support in recommending our services, but we’re also delighted that Mr. Bernabe was the first client we ever offered to join our Referral Program! His genuine advocacy and positive referrals have played a significant role in helping us expand our community of satisfied clients.
Thank you, Mr. Bernabe, for contributing to the success and growth of our Referral Program!

Outstanding Customer Service
Mr. Bernabe’s ADU journey with Multitaskr was marked by exceptional customer service. From the moment he contacted us, he experienced unparalleled support and care. He praised the staff who went above and beyond to address his needs and promptly resolve any concerns.
Impressed by the level of support he received, Mr. Bernabe made it a point to share his positive experience with friends and family. He highlighted the company’s commitment to open communication, taking responsibility for mistakes, and finding effective solutions. Multitaskr’s personalized approach and dedication to continuous improvement left a lasting impression on Mr. Bernabe.
He also commended our genuine care, attentive staff, and unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. He expressed confidence that Multitaskr was on the right path with our customer service approach!
At Multitaskr, we take great pride in providing outstanding customer service. Mr. Bernabe’s feedback reaffirms our dedication to excellence. We value his support and will continue to refine our services to ensure every client receives the exceptional customer service they deserve.

Bernabe’s Referral Story highlights the transformative power of Multitaskr’s services and the success of our Referral Program. Through our guidance, he created a haven for his mother, referred three friends, and earned $1,000 in commissions. We are grateful for his trust and support as our first Referral Program client.
Thank you, Mr. Bernabe, for sharing your journey and contributing to our success. Your story inspires us to provide top-notch services and build lasting relationships with our clients!

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From Client to Advocate: A Multitaskr Referral Story

Join Mr. Bernabe's journey and discover how he transformed his backyard into a haven for his mother. Learn about his referral success, earning $1,000 in commissions, and the exceptional customer service that sets Multitaskr apart.
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