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The Project Development Plan is the first step to help you succeed in your next construction project. It was designed to give you all the tools necessary to bridge the communication gap between everyone involved in the renovation process. With the PDP, you are able to visualize your ideas in 3D alongside top-notch home experts who will bring your project to life.

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2D Floor Plans

3D & Virtual Reality

Scope of Work

The PDP Includes:

Material List

Finishes Selection

Construction Estimate

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2D Floor Plan Layout

This gives you an overview of the layout of your project, including interior and exterior areas.

3D & Virtual Reality

A clear, lifelike, and accurate representation of the design of your project.

Scope of Work

A detailed document with the scope of your project, including construction obligations of all parties involved.

Material List

An itemized list with every piece of material required for your project, including description and quantity.

Finishes Selection

This helps maintain organization of every material and finish in the details of your project’s design.

Construction Estimate

This includes the total cost of your project based on the exact prices of the materials. City permits and fees may vary.

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Why Get a PDP?

The Project Development Plan removes uncertainty from projects and connects homeowners with contractors and other experts in your area to save time, expenses, and deliver the best end results.

Get your PDP now in just 5 steps!

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Design and define the scope of your project


Receive your Project Development Plan document


Looking to learn more about The Project Development Plan? Here are a series of frequently asked questions.

What’s the cost of the project development plan?

Project Development Plans starts at $3,500 dlls.

What does it include?

2D Floor Plans, 3D & Virtual Reality, Virtual Floor Plans, and the Scope of Work.

In another State?

We are currently serving California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon. If you are in another state and interested in our services please contact us at: [email protected] / (619) 514 4023

What’s the expected delivery time?

It takes 25 business days to create a PDP.

Have another question? Please contact us at [email protected]

or give us a call at (619) 514 4023. We will be happy to assist you.