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Multitaskr Case Studies

Claudio Torres

400 sq ft JADU

Keeping the family close with a JADU!

Multitaskr is the only marketplace that simplifies the home renovation process for your benefit.

The Problem

This is a testimonial of a small family in Bonita, California, who knew exactly what they needed but didn’t know their property’s full potential.

After a friend’s recommendation, Claudio and Edna reached out to Multitaskr in October 2021. No one in the history of Multitaskr’s clients had stood up so assertively about what they needed, and this was space for their family.

It made a lot of sense to us. As part of the Latino community, we understand that family is one of our most valuable treasures. We admire that Edna and Claudio wanted to keep their family strong and together.

With this in mind, we had the opportunity to create different options that met their desires. As a result, they discovered all the transformations that could be done in their home, which led to the decision to renovate their garage into a JADU. (What in the world is a JADU? This stands for Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit -JADU. It is an additional, independent living unit created by converting an existing space attached to a single-family home)

“We would definitely choose Multitaskr for another project at our home.”


Multitaskr is the only marketplace that simplifies the home renovation process for your benefit.

The Solution

Converting their garage into an apartment in the form of a JADU was an excellent choice for them to start their home renovation.

Carlos, their Home Solutions Expert, worked closely with them until the project met their expectations. Every detail they selected from our curated catalog was chosen for their family’s comfort.

Edna and her excellent eye for little details took the lead on project finishes. We were responsible for ensuring everything in their JADU was perfectly executed.

Carlos was over the top great with everything from the beginning to the end.

We started transforming their garage in February, constantly visiting the project to ensure the quality of work always met our team’s standards.

It remained important to us that we could offer a hassle-free and enjoyable journey for our clients as they experienced Multitaskr.

In mid-April, we delivered the full project, and the excitement in their eyes said it all!

Edna and Claudio are now able to keep their family close, increase their property value, and have the option to rent it out and generate income by choosing to transform their garage into a fully functional living unit.

Lead Source:

Friend recommendation

Home Solutions Experts:

Carlos Waumman

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