U.S. Department Of Energy Announces Summer Of Solar

On July 15, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its plan to accelerate the approval of solar permits. Read to find out the benefits of solar energy!

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America is one step closer to reaching its clean energy goal. On July 15, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced its plan to make it cost-effective and more accessible for homeowners to switch to solar.

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It’s officially the “Summer of Solar.” With the Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+) launch, local governments will accelerate the approval of residential solar installation permits. One of the barriers homeowners face nationwide is the lengthy permitting process, which causes delays in getting solar panels on their roofs. The permitting process for solar installation currently varies across the country. However, the Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+) will standardize the process for single-family residences.


SolarAPPP+ Gets Solar On Your Roof Faster Than Ever


The Importance of Solar Power for Homeowners


Benefits of Solar Energy

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SolarAPP+ Gets Solar On Your Roof Faster Than Ever
SolarAPP+ was created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). They research and implement ways to transform Americans’ use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy systems, and sustainable transportation. The SolarAPP+ will get solar panels on homes across the country faster and improve the economy with well-paying jobs. However, the most significant sense of relief emitting from this program is that local governments will be able to fast-track permits. Currently, the solar permitting process can take, on average, from two weeks to two months.
Communities using SolarAPP+ to get solar panels on roofs faster, better, and cheaper have seen a residential solar increase by 600%. Cities like Tucson, Arizona, which use SolarAPP+, witnessed the permitting process reduced from 20 days to zero.
Here’s what the SolarAPP+ process looks like if you’re considering switching to solar this summer: SolarAPP+ provides installers and inspectors with a checklist to verify essential residential compliance. The compliance is based on the National Electric Code. At Multitaskr, once your solar installer or rep has completed the checklist, your solar installer presents you with a proposal. This proposal details your system, cost, available financing, and how much savings you can accumulate annually.
In addition to the newest solar energy program, SolarAPP+, the U.S. Department of Energy has launched the “Summer of Solar” campaign to educate homeowners on the benefits of the switch. This new milestone has helped install nearly 3 million solar systems nationwide. Solar industry leaders are here to promote the advantages of solar such as reducing emissions and powering your home with the cleanest type of energy. Aside from protecting the environment, solar installation saves up to 60% on your electricity bill.

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The Importance of Solar Power for Homeowners
Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source that has become increasingly important as the U.S. continues shifting away from fossil fuels. With the cost of solar power installations decreasing and government incentives available, solar energy has become more accessible and affordable for homeowners nationwide. As a clean and green energy source, solar power does not emit harmful pollutants and carbon emissions into the atmosphere, making it an essential part of efforts to mitigate climate change.
The use of solar power can significantly reduce a home’s carbon footprint, leading to a healthier and more sustainable environment. By investing in solar energy, homeowners can reduce their dependence on non-renewable sources, such as coal and natural gas. Homeowners can also save money on their energy bills by producing their electricity, which can be especially beneficial during peak energy demand times when electricity prices tend to be higher.

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Benefits of Solar Energy
Now that we’ve talked about how vital solar energy is, what’s left is to mention the multiple benefits this renewable energy source has for homeowners. 

  • Reduce Energy Costs: This is the principal reason thousands of homeowners nationwide have decided to switch to solar energy, as it can reduce homeowners’ energy bills by producing their electricity. With the increasing cost of electricity, homeowners can save up to 60% of their electricity bills by installing solar panels.
  • Environmentally Friendly: This type of energy produces zero emissions as it is clean and renewable. Homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint, and help have cleaner air, benefiting their family and their entire community.    
  • Increased Property Value: A solar energy system can increase the value of a home. Studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell for more than those without solar panels. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more than homes without them.
  • Energy Independence: Solar energy systems provide homeowners with energy independence, as they can produce electricity. Additionally, homeowners can store excess energy in battery backup systems, ensuring they can access power during power outages and emergencies.  

Support for Local Economy: The solar industry supports the U.S. economy by creating well-paying jobs. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the solar industry has created more than 240,000 jobs in the U.S. Additionally, homeowners who switch to solar energy often hire local contractors and installers, supporting local businesses and the economy.

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In conclusion, solar energy is crucial for the U.S. to transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. With the help of initiatives such as Solar Automated Permit Processing Plus (SolarAPP+), reaching the goal of cleaner air and the environment, it’s closer to a reality! 

As mentioned above, solar energy will contribute to a greener future and greatly benefit homeowners.  Switch to solar today and check out the many solar solutions that Multitaskr offers. Start your solar journey with us today!

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