Multitaskr's Second Real Estate Industry Night

On May 18th, 2023, Multitaskr hosted its second Real Estate Industry Night, where professionals got the chance to network and learn about who we are and what we do.

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The upcoming Accessory Dwelling Unit trends and real estate developments were discussed amongst motivated and driven Real Estate Professionals from across San Diego.


Fernanda Castillo

The monthly mixer took place in downtown San Diego at Maleki Mortgage Team’s office, where attendees enjoyed the company of other realtors and experts in the real estate field while learning about Granny Flats and Multitaskr and finding out about great surprises!


Real Estate Mixer and ADUs


Virtual Reality Station


Surprise Raffle

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Real Estate Mixer and ADUs
Multitaskr’s second real estate event was a great success, with over thirty people attending the mixer! The team set up the VR station and prepared a presentation to offer a top-notch experience to everybody who attended. 
After some initial mingling and drinking, Multitaskr’s HSE and Realtor Miguel Aldrete took some minutes to present all about Accessory Dwelling Units to guests. He briefly explained the basics of Granny Flats, regulations, bills, and more, managing to engage with guests. His presentation went by smoothly, and by the end of it, he held a QA session.
Miguel also reminded everyone how easy it is to Earn additional commissions through our ADU Referral Program by making 1% of each deal signed by their clients with us! People seemed fascinated by the idea, inquiring about more details and how to sign through our web page to join the program. We’re always excited to offer realtors a fantastic opportunity to earn extra income and establish a long-lasting partnership with us. Our referral program is designed with their success in mind!
If you’re interested about how our first ever real estate mixer turned, click here to read our event coverage!

realtors at Multitaskr's real estate industry night

Virtual Reality Station
The VR station proved to be, once again, a great success among our guests. They were eager to try it out for themselves after our HSEs introduced the experience, explaining to them how we use it for our clients and why it’s such an essential step of our process for any project.
Some people were so interested in the VR that the team invited them to visit our headquarters at Chula Vista to use our Virtual Reality Room!
Thanks to our team, guests enjoyed walking through the different projects and living the Multitaskr VR experience firsthand!

client trying out virtual reality experience

Surprise Raffle
The energy was high as attendees eagerly awaited the surprise raffle organized by the event’s generous sponsors. Participants were invited to submit their information on a card for a chance to win one of the three amazing prizes up for grabs: Two lucky winners would have the opportunity to indulge themselves with coveted gift cards. The third prize was a bottle of Casa Mate’s organic tequila!
The winners were announced throughout the night, adding an extra element of thrill and anticipation to an already incredible evening. However, in a twist of fate, among the winners was none other than our very own Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder, Jose Luquin!
The surprise raffle not only added an element of fun and entertainment to the evening but also fostered a sense of community and engagement among the attendees. The sponsors’ generosity was truly appreciated, as their contributions made the surprise raffle one of the night’s highlights.

Multitaskr's second real estate industry night

Multitaskr’s second Real Estate Industry Night was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on everyone attending by offering valuable insights into ADUs and Multitaskr’s innovative approach to the construction of these units.
We look forward to hosting future events that continue to foster collaboration, education, and growth within the real estate community. As Multitaskr continues to pave the way in ADU development and construction, we remain committed to providing exceptional opportunities for real estate professionals to thrive and succeed.
See you next month!

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