Tech+ Architecture Conference 2023

Multitaskr was at The Tech+ Architecture Conference this past June 28, 2023, at The Line Hotel in the vibrant heart of Koreatown, Downtown Los Angeles.

TECH+ was a captivating conference featuring cutting-edge technological innovations for the Architectural Industry.

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Multitaskr attended the Tech + Architecture Conference organized by the AIA and The Architects News Paper on June 28, 2023, in Downtown LA, discussing Digital Twins, AI, and ML to enhance Architectural, Construction, and PropTech industries.


Opening with a Vision+


Innovative AI/ML Approaches


Key Takeaways

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Opening with a Vision+

The Tech+ 2023 Conference started with a breathtaking display of futuristic technology and experimental approaches to construction and manufacturing. A standout moment was the demonstration of close to 6,600 unique facades, algorithmically designed, that grace the exterior of the Lucas Museum. The ingenious use of digital twins, parametric design, AI/ML applications, and cutting-edge aerospace and marine technology captivated the audience. These elements came together to create a remarkable facade that envelops the intricate organic skeleton supporting this architectural marvel.

Innovative AI/ML Approaches

Prominent industry players like Perkins & Will and Core / Thornton Tomasetti showcased their innovative use of AI/ML and immersive user experiences. They shared how a progressive UX approach and a global data-driven vision had transformed their internal disciplines, fostering collaboration and innovation. The conference emphasized the integration of intelligent automation, BIM, computer vision, and generative AI, not just as buzzwords but as disruptive tools enhancing architectural practice.

Keynote Speakers and Innovative Approaches
Several keynote speakers took the stage to share their experiences and pioneering approaches. One notable example was the development of ChatGPTT, a custom GPT rendition that leveraged business intelligence indicators and millions of parameters to optimize design and engineering processes.
The conference also highlighted how digital twins revolutionized facility management, commercial development, and other industries, such as fashion design, music, and academic research. Attendees were inspired by the innovative potential of AI/ML and digital twin technologies.

Key Takeways

The Tech+ 2023 Conference showcased the immense potential of AI/ML and technological advancements in shaping the future of architecture. To harness these opportunities, we identified four actionable takeaways:

  1. AI/ML at the core of every human activity, fostering the amplification of resources: Embedding an AI/ML Data Analyst in every process to identify patterns and create ML Models to train algorithms that can enhance our internal operations, resulting in an optimization of resources and therefore better customer-facing experiences throughout the entire customer journey. 
  2. Leveled Plainfield, a balanced ratio between left and right mindsets: Growing the proportion of highly skilled technologists from all quadrants of the innovation spectrum, from full-stack engineers, UX-UI Data-Driven Designers, Data Scientists, ML/AI Engineers, BIM Architects, to Product Designers and Growth Hackers, we should never stop spreading the mindset and mission+vision of creating a customer-obsessed approach. Technology and innovation, in the end, will serve as copilots to enhance the human experience. 
  3. Garbage In, Garbage Out. Everything starts with data: We all need to keep pushing for a more data-driven culture among disciplines to enforce the implementation of clean data structures avoiding the GI=GO principle (Garbage In, Garbage, Out).
  4. Digital Twins enabled by adopting AIAS (Asset Information Management Systems) and Parametric Design: The correct implementation of parametric design starts by indoctrinating a data-driven mindset in the core of the team, adopting not only BIM but also creating a well-structured Asset Information Management System that can feed our BIM practices, align with other data point utilized for estimation, customer-facing outputs, and internal handoff protocols can be crucial for the correct implementation of Digital Twins that can help simulate, predict and inform at any stage of the customer journey. 

This event was a testament to the transformative power of AI/ML and technological innovations in the architectural industry. It opened new horizons, inspiring attendees to embrace a future where technology and human-centered design coexist harmoniously. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, let us leverage these advancements to shape the architectural landscape of tomorrow.
At Multitaskr we aim to provide our clients with state-of-the-art ADU solutions that enhance their living spaces and maximize their rental potential by leveraging the advancements discussed at The Tech+ Architecture Conference. Together, let us shape a future where technology and architecture seamlessly intertwine for the benefit of homeowners and communities alike!

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