What Is A Construction Change Order, And How Can I Avoid Them?

Change orders consume 35% of projects which causes delays, adds expenses, and creates tension between parties, but good news! The Project Development Plan (PDP) will end that.

Change orders are well known for their modifications during the construction process, however not favored so much.

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A change order requests a modification in the original agreement for the scope of work. Research shows that 35% of projects experience at least one change order, resulting in delays. Change orders are requested to alter the design, material, work, schedule, or price. There must be an agreement between both parties to process a change order, resulting in an amendment to the contract.


Eliminating Change Orders


Virtual Reality Helps Avoid Change Orders


WebVR Tours

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Eliminating Change Orders

All change orders typically include the following to process:

  • A description of the requested change
  • An itemized list of subcontractor costs
  • A summary by the contractor of the total costs of the requested change
  • A signed agreement for the requested change and its effect on the project timeline

Change order requests require patience, resulting in project delays and additional costs. However, with today’s technology, change orders are avoidable. Change orders are processed more than often for the client’s satisfaction, as that is the priority. However, there is a way for clients to tour their new space and request design edits or layout changes without interrupting construction

Virtual reality is reinventing residential and commercial construction, enabling contractors to drift away from change orders.

How Virtual Reality Helps Avoid Change Orders

Virtual reality (VR) shapes the construction industry by fully immersing clients into a 3D version of their new space. For the virtual reality environment to work, 3D architects first create a 3D rendering of the project, then using the VR goggles, clients can walk through a project site without traveling to it.

At Multitaskr, clients walk through their projects in the virtual reality environment during the pre-construction phase. Virtual reality is giving clients a whole new level of transparency. During their first VR tour, they can immediately share any edit request of the layouts with our team of architects. Virtual reality also gives clients the option to tour their new space in VR remotely or from the office.

WebVR Tours

The 3D renderings detail to the point where you can get several views of your new space from different angles, get a feel of the lighting, and do a complete 360 tour.

The construction industry is tackling change orders using innovative technology. To experience a WebVR tour click here, and walk through one of our clients’ very own 3D rendering, who requested edits directly to the 3D rendering before construction.

Change orders are commonly requested to modify different aspects of a project, and it is important to have an agreement between both parties to process them. The research presented in the text shows that change orders can result in delays, emphasizing the need for effective change management processes in project management.

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