Trust, Rewards, and Growth: A Multitaskr Referral Story

Learn about the journey of Mrs. Rios, a loan officer of World Wide Credit Corporation, who partnered with Multitaskr to build her ADU and how she earned $2,319 of referral commission!

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Mrs. Rios's positive experience led her to become an advocate for Multitaskr's referral program even before finalizing the construction of her ADU.


Fernanda Castillo

Discover Mrs. Rios’ thoughts on working with Multitaskr, the benefits of our referral program, and the exceptional customer service she received throughout the process.


The Multitaskr Experience


The Referral Program


A Lasting Impression

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The Multitaskr Experience
The National City resident embarked on her ADU journey when Miguel Aldrete, Realtor and Home Solutions Expert (HSE) at Multitaskr, introduced her to the idea of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit. By being both a client and a partner of Multitaskr, Mrs. Rios was confident that her project would be a success.
Despite encountering some setbacks, such as delays due to COVID, Mrs. Rios mentions how appreciative she was to Multitaskr for respecting the agreed-upon budget throughout the project and the team’s fantastic customer service.
Our dedication to understanding our client’s needs and delivering outstanding results left a great impression on her!

The Referral Program
Her positive experience led Mrs. Rios to be an advocate for our ADU Referral Program. By sharing her personal experience and endorsing the company, Mrs. Rios ensured her clients would benefit from the same level of expertise and reliability that she had witnessed firsthand. The referral program became a win-win situation for Mirna, her clients, and Multitaskr!
Mrs. Rios signed up as a realtor for the Referral Program and earned herself a commission of $2,000! And just like her, you can make extra money by referring friends or family to us who are interested in building an ADU. Your referral fee will be awarded after their contract it’s signed!
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A Lasting Impression
As Mrs. Rios reflects on her journey, she expresses her heartfelt appreciation to Multitaskr and Federico Tello, Director of Customer Success, for their exceptional customer service. She commends Federico for making her feel comfortable throughout the process, despite the challenges faced, which she attributes more to the COVID-19 pandemic than the company itself, as mentioned above. Mrs. Rios emphasizes that customer service is her top priority, and Multitaskr not only met but exceeded her expectations, both on a personal and professional level.

In conclusion, Mrs. Rios’s remarkable experience with Multitaskr showcases the company’s ability to deliver exceptional results, establish enduring partnerships, and provide outstanding customer service. By partnering with Multitaskr, Mrs. Rios began transforming her property into an income-generating asset and found a trusted ally in the real estate industry.
As Multitaskr continues to pioneer ADU development and construction, homeowners can confidently rely on our innovative approach and unwavering commitment to turn their dreams into reality!
Mrs. Rios’ journey is a testament to the exceptional opportunities, professionalism, reliability, and unwavering dedication that Multitaskr offers to homeowners and their projects!

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Trust, Rewards, And Growth: A Multitaskr Referral Story

Discover Mrs. Rios's journey with Multitaskr, from ADU construction to earning referral commission. Exceptional service and enduring partnerships await you. Build with us and starting earning by referring your friends and family to us!

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