Privacy Policy

Revision 15 August 2019

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), effective as of 15 August 2019 (“Effective Date”), explains how Modern Market Technologies, Inc., DBA Multitaskr (“Multitaskr”), collects and uses information when End Users, Providers, potential End Users and Providers, or any other users of the Multitaskr Platform, register for an account to use the Multitaskr Platform, use the Multitaskr Platform, or obtain or deliver any Services through the Multitaskr Platform (collectively and each individually, hereinafter “User” or “Users”) (all capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings given in our End User Terms of Use).

The Privacy Policy is published at: This Privacy Policy, upon accessing or registering for an account for the Multitaskr Platform, or using any Services delivered through the Multitaskr Platform, applies to all Users of the Multitaskr Platform, along with any other websites or applications with Multitaskr branding that link to this Privacy Policy or where the links thereto are published in any terms, conditions, policies, or contained in any similar such items.

If you, the User, does not agree with this Privacy Policy please do not register, subscribe, create an account, or otherwise use or interact with the Multitaskr Platform and/or any Services obtained through use of the Multitaskr Platform. By using the Multitaskr Platform or any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform, User consents to this Privacy Policy; in addition, if User uses any of the social networking connection functions offered through the Multitaskr Platform, Multitaskr may access any of User’s social profile information that User has made available to be shared and Multitaskr may use any such information it may obtain in accordance with this Privacy Policy; please refer to any of the policies of the specific social profile provider to manage information that is shared through that particular account. Furthermore, User’s use of the Multitaskr Platform or use of any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform is subject to Multitaskr’s then-applicable terms of use or terms and conditions for the Services. Please contact Multitaskr in writing, sent by certified mail, if User has any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or the practices therein, at the following address:

Attn: Legal Dept.
2576 Catamaran Way
San Diego, CA 91914

This Privacy Policy applies to information collected through the Multitaskr Platform and any other information collected in any other manner in other interactions with Multitaskr or its employees, agents, affiliates, partners, successors, or assigns.

Types of Personally Identifiable Information Collected. Multitaskr collects information about Users to enable Users to access and use the full functionality and convenience of the Multitaskr Platform. Personally identifiable information is information that can be used to identify, locate, or contact a User (“Personal Information”). It also includes other information that may be associated with Personal Information. Multitaskr collects information from Users when Users register on the site The following information may be collected from Users:

First Name and Last Name
Business/Entity Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Phone Calls and Information Contained Therein
Property Address
Information Related to Verification of Property Ownership
Bank Account Information
Images or Audio Records or any other similar such recordings or documents in any medium which may contain Personal Information.

The above-referenced information constitutes Personal Information and is subject to this Privacy Policy. From time to time, Multitaskr may also supplement Personal Information with information collected from third-parties, including demographic information about User interests and similar information that third-parties have collected from other sources, for the purposes to validate the accuracy of User information, to better understand User, and provide User with targeted advertising, and to otherwise improve the delivery of the Multitaskr Platform and/or any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform to User.

How Information is Collected. Multitaskr asks for the Personal Information listed above as part of an online registration process to receive full access to and functionality of the Multitaskr Platform. Multitaskr does not otherwise collect or request Personal Information; if User does not wish for Personal Information to be collected by Multitaskr, then do not use the Multitaskr Platform, do not submit any information required to create an account to use the Multitaskr Platform, and/or do not provide any information related to any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform.

Phone Calls. When either Multitaskr or User initiates a call with the other party, or when Multitaskr forwards calls and/or messages between User and Provider(s), Multitaskr may monitor and/or record those calls for quality assurance and customer satisfaction purposes. In those jurisdictions where consent is required for a party to record a telephone call, User consents to Multitaskr recording such calls.

Location Information. Multitaskr may collect precise location data of a User through the Multitaskr Platform. Multitaskr collects this information to help enable the functionality of the Multitaskr Platform, and Multitaskr may also collect the precise location of a User’s device when the User is accessing the Multitaskr Platform via that device. Multitaskr may also derive a User’s location through the User’s IP address. The Multitaskr Platform uses geo-location features to help enable Users to connect regarding Services that may be obtained through the Multitaskr Platform, to confirm that Services were delivered to a particular User, to improve the Multitaskr Platform and/or any Services that may be obtained on the Multitaskr Platform, and/or for any other reasonable business purpose of Multitaskr, such as legal purpose, in the event of a merger or sales of Multitaskr, or other business-related asset transfers. The geo-location data obtained about a User will be stored in an identifiable manner, along with geo-location data about any project sites where a User requested or performed Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform.

Device Information. Multitaskr may collect information about a User’s mobile device or other device used by User in accessing the Multitaskr Platform, including, but not limited to the following information: the hardware model, operating system and version of that operating system, software and/or application names and version numbers, file names and version numbers, preferred language of the device, unique device identifiers, advertising identifiers, device serial number, device motion information, and mobile network information.

How Multitaskr Uses Personal Information. The primary purpose of the Personal Information collected at the Multitaskr Platform is to ensure the accuracy of User information to better effectuate the delivery of Services rendered by and to Users of the Multitaskr Platform. Multitaskr also uses Personal Information to communicate and provide additional information that may be of interest to Users about the Multitaskr Platform and/or Multitaskr and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, or partners, such as special offers and promotions, announcements, and information and marketing materials.

Disclosure of Information. Multitaskr may share User Personal Information as required by law or permitted by law as described below:

With affiliated companies, such as subsidiaries and other companies owned or controlled by or under common ownership or control with Multitaskr, affiliates, and partners, who may only use the Personal Information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy;
With Users of the Multitaskr Platform to the extent necessary for Multitaskr and the Provider(s) to effectuate and delivery any Services requested by a User;
To effect a merger or acquisition or otherwise support a sale or transfer of business assets;
In compliance with any laws, court orders, or when required to do so by law, such as in response to a subpoena, reporting requirement, or similar legal process, including to law enforcement agencies, regulators, and courts in the United States;
With third-parties that run advertising campaigns, contests, special offers, promotions, or other events or activities on Multitaskr’s behalf in connection with the Multitaskr Platform or any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform.

Multitaskr may also disclose information about Users that is not personally identifiable, such as aggregated statistical information about Users of the Multitaskr Platform.

Cookies and Related Technologies. Multitaskr uses various technologies to collect information when Users access or use the Multitaskr Platform, including Cookies (as defined below), usage of web beacons, and may also access and collect information related to location services, messaging services such as e-mail and text/SMS messages, and/or the IP address and related technical information of the device used by User to access the Multitaskr Platform. Cookies involve the placing of a piece of code, commonly referred to as “Cookies,” or similar such technology on the User’s device, and are small data files that are stored on the User’s hard drive or in the User’s device memory in the course of using the Multitaskr Platform. Among other things, Cookies support the integrity of our User account registration process, retain User preferences and account settings for the Multitaskr Platform, and help evaluate and compile aggregated statistics about User activity. Multitaskr will begin collecting information about Users or from activity on devices used by Users as soon as User accesses the Multitaskr Platform. By using the Multitaskr Platform or any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform, User permits Multitaskr to collect and use User’s information from activity on devices used by User in accordance with this Privacy Policy. For more information and to learn how to block or delete Cookies when accessing the Multitaskr Platform, please see below.

Some Cookies last only for the duration of User’s web or application session and expire when Users close the browser or exit the application used to access the Multitaskr Platform. Other Cookies are used to remember a User when a User returns to use the Multitaskr Platform and, as such, will last longer. Multitaskr may use Cookies to:

Remember that a User has visited or used the Multitaskr Platform before.

Identify the number of unique visitors accessing the Multitaskr Platform so that Multitaskr can provide enough capacity to accommodate all Users.

Customize elements of the promotional layout and/or content of the Multitaskr Platform.

Collect data about the way Users interact with the Multitaskr Platform (e.g., when Users use certain features).

Collect data to assess and improve Multitaskr advertising campaigns, including sending information to Multitaskr’s agents, affiliates, partners, successors, and/or assigns.

Allow Multitaskr’s agents, affiliates, partners, successors, and/or assigns (including third-parties) to use these tracking technologies to track User behavior on Multitaskr’s behalf on the Multitaskr Platform (including when Users use multiple devices) and on partner websites and applications.

Enable third-parties to collect data about the way Users interact across sites outside of the Multitaskr Platform.

Collect anonymous statistical information about how Users use the Multitaskr Platform (including the length of a User’s web or application session) and the location from which a User accesses the Multitaskr Platform, so that Multitaskr can improve the Multitaskr Platform and learn which elements and functions of the Multitaskr Platform are most popular with Users.

Some of the cookies used in the Multitaskr Platform are set by Multitaskr, and others are set by third-parties who deliver services related to the Multitaskr Platform on Multitaskr’s behalf. Most web and mobile device browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default. However, a User can change User’s browser and/or device settings to prevent automatic acceptance of Cookies, or to notify the User each time a Cookie is set. Users may also learn more about Cookies by visiting, which includes additional useful information on Cookies and how to block Cookies on different types of browsers and mobile devices. Please note, however, that by blocking or deleting Cookies used in the Multitaskr Platform, a User may not be able to take full advantage of the Multitaskr Platform.

Multitaskr may also collect information using web beacons. Web beacons are electronic images that may be used in the Multitaskr Platform or e-mails from or on behalf of Multitaskr. Multitaskr uses web beacons to deliver Cookies, track the number of visits to the Multitaskr Platform, to better understand usage and campaign effectiveness, and to determine whether an e-mail has been opened and acted upon by a User.

Third-parties may use Cookies, web beacons, and/or other storage technologies to collect or receive information from the websites and applications User visits and uses, and elsewhere on the internet, and use that information to provide targeted ads and other similar such services. Users may be able to opt out of receiving personalized advertisements from advertisers and/or advertising networks who are either members of the Network Advertising Initiative or subscribers to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavior Advertising. To learn more about User’s choices for opting out of personalized advertising through websites and/or applications, please visit:

Network Advertising Initiative (;
Digital Advertising Alliance (;

Opting Out and User Updates to User Provided Information. To change or delete User information provided by User, User may login to User’s account and modify or remove any information that is contained in User’s account. User may request to delete User’s account by contacting Multitaskr via the methods of providing notice to Multitaskr as set forth in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled “Notice”; Multitaskr will remove a User account within a reasonable time period of receipt, via the method of notice for User to do so as referenced herein, of User’s written request to delete User’s account. Please be aware that even after a User account is deleted, information that the User chose to provide or publish in a public area of the Multitaskr Platform (such as projects or reviews or other sections of the Multitaskr Platform), will remain visible to the general public and may remain in the accounts of Users with whom such information has been shared, and all User information will remain in Multitaskr’s backup records. Multitaskr may retain and use information in its records as described in this Privacy Policy. User may also make requests regarding User’s Personal Information, such as requests to access information or requests to update or correct inaccurate information, by sending a written request pursuant to the methods of providing notice to Multitaskr as set forth in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled “Notice”.

Multitaskr does not rent, sell, or share a User’s Personal Information with other parties or non-affiliated companies for their direct marketing purposes without the express consent of the User. Multitaskr provides Users the opportunity to opt out of receiving marketing communications from Multitaskr and its agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, successors, and assigns and gives Users the option to remove User information from the Multitaskr Platform, to not receive future marketing communications, or to no longer receive access to the Multitaskr Platform and any Services that may be obtained through the Multitaskr Platform. If User receives an unsolicited marketing communication from a Multitaskr address, please contact Multitaskr by sending a written request pursuant to the methods of providing notice to Multitaskr as set forth in the section of this Privacy Policy entitled “Notice”.

Security and Retention of Personal Information. Multitaskr follows generally accepted industry standards to protect Personal Information, such as the use of User account registration with password protection, secure servers, databases only accessible by those authorized with special access rights to such systems, and routine monitoring of these systems and data. No method of electronic data transmission or storage is completely secure, and for this reason, there is no guarantee that information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or lost or destroyed by breach of any of Multitaskr’s physical, technical, or managerial safeguards. MULTITASKR EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO ENSURING, GUARANTEEING, OR OTHERWISE OFFERING ANY DEFINITIVE PROMISE OF SECURITY IN CONNECTION WITH USER’S PERSONAL INFORMATION AND FURTHER DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY THAT MAY ARISE SHOULD ANY OTHER INDIVIDUALS OBTAIN THE PERSONAL INFORMATION A USER HAS SUBMITTED TO THE MULTITASKR PLATFORM. Multitaskr keeps User’s personal data only as long as necessary to provide Users with access to the Multitaskr Platform and Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform, and other legitimate and essential business purposes.

General Data Protection Regulation. Multitaskr may share Personal Information with third-parties and those third-parties may be located in countries other than User’s home country. As such, Personal Information may be subject to privacy laws that are different from those in User’s country of residence. Multitaskr is headquartered in San Diego, California, and does not anticipate collecting Personal Information from individuals residing in the European Union; however, in the event that any transaction related to the Multitaskr Platform or Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform involves the transmission of Personal Information by an individual located in the European Union, any such transfer will comply with General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

Privacy Practices of Third-Parties and Links. Multitaskr may display advertisements or other content that is from and/or links to third-party websites. Multitaskr cannot control or be held responsible for the content and privacy practices of any third-party or third-party website, application, link, or other third-party service. If User clicks on third-party content or links, please be aware that User is leaving the Multitaskr Platform and any Personal Information or other information that User provides to any third-party will not be covered by this Privacy Policy.

Multitaskr encourages our suppliers, vendors, Providers, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, successors, and assigns, to adopt and post privacy policies. However, the use of User’s Personal Information by such parties is governed by the privacy policies of such parties and not subject to Multitaskr’s control. When User chooses to interact with any of Multitaskr’s suppliers, vendors, Providers, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, successors, and assigns, or any other third-party entity, it is encouraged that User reads any applicable privacy policy posted by that particular party.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Multitaskr does not intend or permit any individuals under the age of eighteen (18) to use the Multitaskr Platform or obtain any Services related to the Multitaskr Platform, and any such use by any individual under the age of eighteen (18) is prohibited. By using the Multitaskr Platform, User represents that User is at least eighteen years (18) of age and understands that User must be eighteen (18) years old to register and receive access to the Multitaskr Platform. Multitaskr will promptly delete any information associated with any records, account, or other such information for any account where Multitaskr obtains actual knowledge that the registered User associated with the account it not at least eighteen (18) years old.

California Privacy Rights. Pursuant to §1798.83 of the California Civil Code, residents of California can obtain certain information about the types of Personal Information that companies with whom they have an established business relationship have shared with third-parties for direct marketing purposes during the preceding calendar year. In particular, the law provides that companies must inform consumers about the categories of personal information that have been shared with third-parties, the names and addresses of those third-parties, and examples of the types of services or products marketed by those third-parties. To request a copy of the information disclosure provided by Multitaskr pursuant to §1798.83 of the California Civil Code, please contact Multitaskr as provided in the Notice section of this Privacy Policy.

Notice. All notices to Multitaskr under this Privacy Policy must be sent via certified mail to:

ATTN: Legal Department
2576 Catamaran Way
Chula Vista, CA 91914

All notices to User regarding this Privacy Policy will be sent via e-mail to the User’s email address on file with Multitaskr at the time of the sending of the notice. Multitaskr reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time and will email Users when any changes in terms to the Privacy Policy have been made; effective as of receipt of notice by user and thereafter, continued usage of the Multitaskr Platform and/or any Services obtained through the Multitaskr Platform constitutes acceptance of any new terms and/or modifications to the Privacy Policy.