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Is a Building Permit Required for an ADU?
Yes, you will be required to obtain a Building Permit to ensure that the new house meets all the zoning, building, health and safety codes. An ADU is intended to be a secondary in size to the single-family residence.
What is an ADU (Additional Dwelling Unit)
An accessory dwelling unit, usually just called an ADU, is a secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot. The term “accessory dwelling unit” is a institutional-sounding name, but it’s the most commonly-used term across the country to describe this type of housing. While the full name is a mouthful, the shorthand “ADU” is better.
Can I build an ADU on my property?
Any single-family residence that is zoned for Single Family residential can build an accessory dwelling unit. Some multi-family zoned lots can build an ADU, but check before you start.
What is single family zoning?
There can be variations in single family zoning by stating what size lot can be used. R-1 is usually going to be the biggest lots (used to be 80′x 120′) and can go up as high as R-5 for small garden home lots.