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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Experts in San Diego

Take advantage of the ADU laws that makes it easier to add a Granny Flat or ADU to your property.

Our all-inclusive ADU services provide you with all the necessary support to bring your project to completion like architectural drawings, custom interior-exterior design, city planning permits, 3D and virtual reality so you can experience your project before construction even begins.

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We can help you redesign your existing kitchen using our VR and 3D visualization technology.


Our expert fully licensed, bonded and insured experts can bring your remodeling plans to life.


Save yourself the financial headache as we help you find the best interest and ways to finance your project.


Benefits of building an ADU:

Building an ADU is an affordable and smart investment that is a great way to raise your property’s value.

• Earn Extra Rental Income

• Reduce the Pressures of a Mortgage

• Keep the Family Close

• Increase the value of your Property

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Need additional living space or rental income?

We understand how challenging and expensive it can be to take on the actual work of a project like this. Home Solutions Experts at Multitaskr guarantee you ways to save and make money while resolving your shortage of living space. In addition, you can save up to $30k in permits, planning, and fees with the pre-approved floor plans.

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Finance your next project with Multitaskr

Payments start at $199*/mo for qualifying borrowers

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Schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our Home Solutions Expert to review options that work for you and your unique project goals.

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