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We offer a super fast and simple way to get quality repair estimates for your home inspections done in 1 day

How the Multitaskr 3 Step Process Works

With Multitaskr Home Inspection Solutions, you get:

• Repair pricing in 1 business day
• Licensed contractors
• Back-office support

Everything you need, under one roof!
Upload your home inspection repair list to our portal
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Within 1 business day we’ll provide you with an estimate
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We get things done, by coordinating all repairs
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Our Solutions Explained

Pre-Listing Evaluations
When you provide us with your inspection report and repair list; we’ll provide you with repair estimate in as little as 1 business day.
Repair Estimates
Negotiate faster with our online estimates. Just upload your inspection to get repair pricing as quick as 1 business day!
Inspection Repairs
Start with an online estimate, then get our team to knock out your inspection repairs fast.