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Keeping the family close with a JADU!

The Problem

This is a testimonial of a small family in Bonita, California. They knew exactly what they needed, but did not know their property’s full potential.

After a friend’s recommendation, Claudio and Edna reached out to Multitaskr in October of 2021 because they wanted to add extra space in their home for their family. As part of the Latino community ourselves, we understand that family is one of our most valuable treasures, so it is important to have the resources to stay close.

With this in mind, we had the opportunity to create a few different options that met their desires. As a result, they discovered all the transformations that could be done in their home, leading them to the decision to renovate their garage into a JADU.

"We would definitely choose Multitaskr for another project at our home."
- Edna

The Solution

Converting their garage into an apartment in the form of a JADU was an excellent choice for them to start their home renovation.

Their Home Solutions Expert, Carlos, worked closely with them until the project met their expectations. Every detail they selected from our curated catalog was chosen for their family’s comfort. Edna and her excellent eye for interior design details took the lead on the project finishes.

We started transforming their garage in February, constantly visiting the project to ensure the quality of work always met our company standards. In mid-April, we delivered the full project, and the excitement in their eyes said it all!

Edna and Claudio are now able to keep their family close, increase their property value, and have the option to rent it out and generate income! This was all possible by making the choice to trust Multitaskr to transform their garage into a fully functional living unit!

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