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The Problem

Christian is a real estate investor who, after handing his first multifamily project to Multitaskr, decided to trust us with a second project: a 1,750 sq. ft. single-family home with a JADU attached.

After we analyzed the property, Christian realized that the house and the lot weren’t being used to their full potential. It offered minimal space to gather with friends, and it was restrictive in design.

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“Multitaskr is a place you can go to for home solutions. It’s a place where the employees value how much their customers trust them with the most valuable asset that they own, the home.”

– Christian

The Solution

Christian brainstormed a solution with Multitaskr’s team to convert the single-family residence into an Airbnb business and residence.

The home remodel created a duplex out of a single-family home. The front unit of the duplex has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a full kitchen. The JADU was closed off to create the duplex’s second unit, and it has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a full kitchen.

This project was definitely one of our favorite transformations!

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Javier Camarena
Javier Camarena
My ADU project was planned during the pandemic and even with a lot of obstacles in the way was completed including permits and with delays in some supplies needed to complete the project. The project took a little longer than plan but was completed by the Multitasker team. Javier Camarena
Patricia Sortdesanz
Patricia Sortdesanz
Very profesional, Sebastian Salgado has been very helpful and answers all my questions promtly
Freedom Flooring & Interiors (Dawn Leeser)
Freedom Flooring & Interiors (Dawn Leeser)
Flooring And Kitchen Design Center
Sergio Maino
Sergio Maino
Loved these guys! My mother-in-law was looking to do a kitchen remodel and struggling to find contractors who got the right idea. She’s pretty particular about what she wants. My cousin Stephanie recommended she got a PDP. I was pleasantly surprised because it includes a home diagnostic and a render you can navigate with VR Goggles. They also have a dedicated team that helped my mother-in-law select her finishes within her budget. It has been a good experience so far, we’re expecting to have the kitchen finished by the end of January.
Christian Carrillo
Christian Carrillo
As a construction and real estate professional, I’m ecstatic about this combination of services! Thank you for being a one-stop shop on all things homes!
Nicole Buddie
Nicole Buddie
They truly care about homeowners. Whether you need support financially, with design for a construction project, or switching to solar, they do it all!

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