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Christian Johnston is a real estate investor who uncovers property potential and value in the competitive San Diego market. After handing his first real estate challenge over to Multitaskr, a single-family property converted into a fourplex, Multitaskr became his trusted contractor. In addition to construction, Multitaskr offered all the solutions Christian was looking for in the design, virtual reality, increased property value, and diversification.

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Impressed with the way Multitaskr addresses the holes in construction and real estate, Christian joined the team at Multitaskr and is now the Chief Operating Officer. Christian’s real estate investing was not set aside. He continues to invest in local properties to learn from the industry hands-on.

Christian introduced a second project to Multitaskr, a 1,750 square foot single-family home with a junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU) attached. After analyzing the property, Christian realized that the house and the lot were not being used to their full potential. The single-family home had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a small kitchen, and an additional living space across from the kitchen, known as the junior accessory dwelling unit (JADU). The home offered minimal space to gather with friends and family. It was very restrictive, as there were unnecessary walls and doors.

Christian had a different vision for this property, only ten minutes from Petco Park and the Gaslamp Quarter. The location and size of the lot were taken for granted before he made the purchase. As an investor, he envisioned a transformation, but it needed a home remodel.

Multitaskr became the architect, drafter, contractor, and project manager for his vision.

Finding A Solution To Maximize Lot Space

“Multitaskr is a place you can go to for home solutions. It’s a place where the employees value how much their customers trust them with the most valuable asset that they own, the home.”

– Christian Johnston

Christian brainstormed a solution with Multitaskr’s architects to convert the single-family residence into an Airbnb business and residence. Familiar with the Airbnb model, Christian and his girlfriend stressed several design details to the 3D architects who would create the rendering of the home remodel.

Their must-haves included a bright blue backsplash & rose gold cabinet door pulls. The vibrant colors were selected as color pops. This bright color palette will catch the eye of potential clients when booking this new space on Airbnb & shouts millennial.



Single-Family Home Becomes Preferred Airbnb

The home remodel created a duplex out of a single-family home. The front unit of the duplex has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a large living area, and a full kitchen. The second unit in the duplex has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a large living area, and a full kitchen. During the remodel, a wall in the living room was torn down to open up the kitchen. The JADU was closed off to create the duplex’s second unit, and the garage was converted into a bedroom.

The duplex’s front unit is currently on Airbnb. The second unit of the duplex will be used by Christian and his girlfriend, their new home.



“I think the VR involved in this project helped the most in the furniture selection. Especially with the open design with the kitchen and what that would look like. It could make the living room feel smaller and more prominent at the same time. It also helped choose the appropriate furniture for the space. I think VR was critical. Without that, I think we would have made many returns to IKEA.”

– Christian Johnston

If you’re a real estate investor or a homeowner interested in remodeling a property or need a home improvement solution, visit us here.

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Impressed with the way Multitaskr addresses the holes in construction and real estate, Christian joined the team at Multitaskr…

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