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The Multitaskr ADU Referral Program provides a fantastic opportunity to earn extra commissions.


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Our all-inclusive ADU services in San Diego and Los Angeles cover 100% ADU financing, design, city permits, planning, and construction.

100% ADU project financing

This financing option will cover the entire project cost!

Zero out of pocket payments

The income generated from the new unit will offset the project payments!

Guaranteed rental income

Homeowners are guaranteed income from their ADU in as little as 18 months!

Increase Property Value

With an ADU, homeowners can increase their property value by 35% or more!

Increase Living Space

Homeowners can increase their living space and creatively keep the family close!

How it works

Boost your income by referring ADU services in San Diego and Los Angeles. Sign up today, create your unique link, share it with your customer base, and earn extra commissions.

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Have questions? Here are a series of frequently asked questions to clarify the ADU Referral Program.

What is the ADU Referral Program for licensed Realtors?

The ADU Referral Program is an opportunity to earn a 1% commission for every contract signed on an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) property they refer to the Program.

How does a Realtor join the ADU Referral Program?

To join the ADU Referral Program, a licensed Realtor must register online and provide their contact information, license number, and other required information.

How does a Realtor earn a commission through the Program?

A Realtor earns a 1% commission for every ADU contract they refer to the Program and is signed by the property owner.

What is the process for referring homeowners to the Program?

To refer a property to the Program, a licensed Realtor must first contact the property owner and inform them about the Program. If the property owner expresses interest, the Realtor must then provide the necessary information about the property and owner to the program coordinators, who will handle the rest of the process.

Who can join the ADU Referral Program?

The Multitaskr ADU Referral Program is currently available for licensed Realtors in the areas of San Diego and Los Angeles.

Can I refer my entire customer base?

Yes, the ADU Referral Program has no limit to how many customers you can refer. Past, current, and new clients are welcome.

Are there any requirements for homeowners to qualify?

Yes, Multitaskr needs to perform a feasibility study (financial & zoning) to determine the homeowners’ and property eligibility.

Do homeowners need to reside in San Diego and Los Angeles?

Yes, homeowners must be residents of San Diego or Los Angeles counties, and their properties must qualify through our feasibility study.

What is the commission structure offered?

1% of the ADU project for any client referred to us who decide to build an ADU. The commissions will be paid to the Realtor once the contract is complete and all terms have been satisfied.

Where can I collect my referral commissions?

Referral commissions are paid once a month. To set up payments, reach out to [email protected].

How long will the ADU Referral Program be available?

The Program has no end date and is currently open to licensed San Diego and Los Angeles Realtors.

Are there any other services offered in this Program?

Yes. Multitaskr offers ADU, Residential Construction, Solar Panels and Storage Batteries, Hardscape and Landscape Services, Financing Services, Renovation Loans, HELOCs, and Mortgage Loans.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

or give us a call at (619) 514 4023. We will be happy to assist you.

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