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To keep close and enjoy the company of those you love most.

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To focus, get inspired and find balance to spend time where it counts.

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To establish a reliable and consistent income stream that eases your finances.

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Our all-inclusive services streamline the stages of your ADU project, ensuring a stress-free journey while saving you time and money.

Thousands of combinations to match your style

  • Modern design packages (coastal, century, minimalist)
  • 25+ points of interior and exterior customization
  • Highest quality finishes and hardware
  • 3D virtual reality walkthrough
Thousands of combinations to match your style
Committed to space efficiency, comfort and income

Committed to space efficiency and comfort

  • Usage-oriented layouts (ST/LT Rental, Office, Family housing)
  • Privacy conscious location (Entrance, doors, windows)
  • Maximize return on investment (Rental income, Resale, Home Equity)
  • Pre-Approved, code compliant plans

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San Diego, CA

Clear communication throughout the ADU project was essential for Mr. Fauci. He wanted a partner who would keep him informed and involved at every step and ensure he understood the progress.

“Overall, from the plans we put together and how everything is, it's perfect. What it looks like, how everything came out, it was beautiful.” -Mr. Fauci

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Have questions? Here are a series of frequently asked questions to clarify the ADU design process.

What are the different types of ADUs?

ADUs come in various forms and sizes, each offering unique features and benefits. Whether you’re looking to create a comfortable space for guests or generate rental income, there’s an ADU type that suits your needs.

  • Detached
  • Attached
  • Garage conversion
  • JADU or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit

What size ADU can I build on my property?

Attached ADUs can be as large as 1,200 square feet or up to 50% of the total floor area of your primary residence, whichever is greater. This provides flexibility for homeowners with larger primary dwellings to create spacious attached ADUs.

And for detached ADUs, the maximum size is capped at 1,200 square feet, regardless of the size of your main house. This simplifies the process for detached ADUs and offers a clear maximum size limit.

How can I design my ADU to be energy-efficient?

When designing your ADU, consider upgrading the insulation in walls, roof, and floors to minimize energy use for heating and cooling. Additionally, switching to LED lighting throughout the unit and incorporating large windows or skylights can maximize natural light usage. You can also explore options like solar panels and batteries for even greater energy efficiency.

Can HOAs dictate how to design my ADU?

Yes, HOAs (Homeowners Associations) may dictate the style and design of your ADU to maintain a cohesive look for the neighborhood. To find out the specifics for your situation, get in touch with your HOA and inquire about their ADU design guidelines. They should be able to provide you with information on:

  • Any architectural restrictions they have in place for ADUs.
  • The process for submitting and getting approval for your ADU design plans.

How can Multitaskr help me design my ADU?

Multitaskr offers comprehensive support for your ADU design. Browse our extensive catalog of pre-approved models, each meticulously crafted to fit various needs and styles.

Alternatively, collaborate with our design team for personalized guidance. Customize an existing model or create a unique design tailored to your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

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