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Detached ADU 625

Optimized to maximize living space, generate rental income and build home equity.

625 sq ft

2 bedrooms

1 Bathroom

Detached 625

100% ADU Financing Available
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* Construction prices may vary depending on property conditions, date of construction, zip code, trenching, utility connections, and HOA regulations.


Multitaskr designs and build ADUs offering maximum living space featuring a full kitchen, bathroom, service closet, and plenty of storage.

All Multitaskr ADUs are ready to be powered by clean, renewable solar energy, providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly dwelling option.

Our ADUs come standard with these features:

  • Compact kitchens with shaker cabinets
  • Full-size bathroom
  • Water-resistant vinyl plank flooring (revision)
  • Washer & Dryer hook-ups
  • Energy-efficient mini split AC unit in living room/kitchen
  • Dual pane windows
  • Energy-efficient lighting fixtures

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Transform your home with this stunning ADU unit. Multitaskr 100% financed ADU models are optimized to maximize your ROI creating a functional and stylish living area that can generate rental income plus gain home equity.

ROI / Return on Investment

ROI measures an investment’s profitability by comparing the net profit or gain to the total cost, expressed as a percentage. It can be used for financial or non-financial investments, and the formula is: ROI = (Net Profit / Total Cost) x 100%.

External costs for your project

Other Costs to Consider

We understand that adding a Granny Flat or Accessory Dwelling Unit to your property is a significant investment. That’s why we recommend you consider external expenses or impact fees outside Multitaskr’s cost.

How Much Does Building an ADU in California Cost?

ADU project costs are usually covered in one of these three categories; pre-planning and architectural design, city permit fees, and construction costs. Below is a breakdown of some of the fees you need to consider if you’re thinking of building an ADU. Remember, they change based on project scope, property conditions, and city zoning rules, but we offer 100% ADU financing. See if you qualify.

Permit Drawings
Permit Running
City Fees
Site Preparation
$7,000 – $30,000

*The following pricing is provided for estimation and informational purposes only, and are intended as a general approximation of potential costs of the corresponding services. [Add in the other disclaimer language stating how pricing varies based on PDP, construction date, etc]. *Modifications, adjustments, and extraordinary requirements may incur extra costs based on the site’s conditions and property specifications. *Please note that the information provided on this website and is subject to change without notice. *Our standard ceiling height for ADUs is 8′, any change will have an extra cost *Exterior/interior finishes will be defined once the layout is approved. *All appliances provided are electrical. any change will have an extra cost.

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Streamline your ADU project in five stages.

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ADU Feasibility

Our team will help you understand the potential of your property and identify the best location for your ADU.


ADU Design

Design and experience in VR your new ADU, starting with the right floor plan, dimensions, and finish selection.


ADU Permit Plans

We ensure every project meets city requirements by providing completed application forms, plans, and design layouts.


ADU Pro-Builders

Our pro-builder crews manage everything from site-prep, material procurement, building, & city inspections.


Track your ADU ROI

Track your home equity gain, generate rental income, or simply enjoy your new ADU living space.