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We make ADUs easy for you!

The details

Build your ADU with us and gain exclusive access to our limited-time offer 100% ADU financing at one of the lowest APRs in the market.

The benefits

Our all-inclusive ADU services cover every aspect of your project, from financing to design and completion of construction.
100% ADU project financing

This financing option will cover the entire project cost!

Low Annual Percentage Rate

Our financing offer comes with the lowest APR.

*For qualifying borrowers

Increase property Value

With an ADU, the value of your property will increase at least 20%

Generate passive income

Generate passive income by renting out your ADU.


San Diego and Los Angeles homeowners who meet the following criteria may qualify for our 100% ADU Financing at a financing at one of the lowest APRs in the market.
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San Diego and Los Angeles homeowners

FICO Score

Qualifying FICO score of 690 or above

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You must choose one of our Catalog ADU models

How it works

We make ADUs easy, covering every aspect of your project!

Project consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our ADU experts.

Financial analysis

Receive financial qualification approval.

Project Development Plan (PDP)

Receive financial qualification approval.

Construction of your ADU

Build your ADU project with our in-house construction team.

Start generating income

Rent your ADU after construction to generate rental income.

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Need to know more about our 100% ADU Financing at one of the lowest APRs in the market? Here are a series of frequently asked questions.

Is there a cost for applying for this financing plan?

There's no cost for applying, and qualifying, for this financing plan.

Would I need to use Multitaskr for the entire construction of my ADU in order to qualify for this financing plan?

To be eligible for this financing plan, it is required that you use our services for the entire construction of your ADU.

How much will the value of my property increase after building an ADU?

The value of your property may increase by 18-20% of its current market value within the next five years, depending on the location of your property and the size of your ADU.

What areas of California do you cover?

We currently cover the following counties and cities: San Diego County, Los Angeles City, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and Santa Clarita.

What could be the rental price of my ADU?

The monthly rental price will vary depending on the area of your property and the square footage of your ADU. However, the average rental price of a two-bedroom ADU in California is $2,800 USD per month.

What is the average cost of building an ADU?

The cost of building your ADU will vary depending on many factors, but the main ones are size, materials, design, location, site preparation, permits, and city fees. After taking these factors into consideration, the average construction cost of an ADU can range from $100,000 to $450,000.

Can I use this financing option to build a JADU or it has to be an ADU?

Yes, this financing option can be used for any kind of dwelling unit, whether attached or detached.

Do I have to live in the main residence to qualify for this financing plan?

No, property owners are not required to occupy the primary dwelling to be eligible for the financing plan.

How many ADUs can I build on my property?

Your ability to build up to three units may depend on the size of your property and the zoning requirements in your city.